Bookmarking this website


This website is implemented on a so-called NSLU2, a small appliance, twice the size of a cigarette box. This appliance only has an IP-address and no DNS-name. The entry-page of the site, however, is at a registered DNS-address and can safely be bookmarked. The hyperlink behind the 'next'-button on the entry-page is guaranteed to point to the correct IP-address always. If you directly bookmark pages, other than the entry-page, then next time, when you want to access the site, the IP-address of the appliance may have changed. The navigation bar at the left of the site allows fast navigation, so there is no need to bookmark specific pages.

The site on the NSLU2 is powered by THTTPD, combined with quite a lot of special purpose code, written in C, in order to keep performance acceptable on such a small device.